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Makers Boot Camp はDarma Tech Labsと京都試作ネットと京都高度技術研究所 (ASTEM) との提携・協業により運営されています。

Darma Tech Labsは「Makers Boot Camp」として、海外ハードウェアスタートアップの試作支援をおこなっており、国内外の広報活動と試作ネットとの窓口となり国内・海外のスタートアップと量産化設計の調整を行います。


京都高度技術研究所 (ASTEM) は京都市が所有する工場である 京都市創業支援工場 (VIF) の提供を通じてプログラム参加者の支援を行います。プログラム参加者は必要に応じて VIF を生産拠点またはオフィススペースとして利用することができます。

このような京都が持つ強みを組み合わせることで、Makers Boot Camp はオール京都での支援体制を構築しています。

General Information
Seed Accelalator 2nd-gen
Adult m. Makino
Operated by: Darma Tech Labs, Inc (dalmateklabo) https://entrepedia.jp/c/DarmaTechLabs
Support Purpose

"Hardware startup" Death Valley", and said the struggling mass production of many companies has succeeded in raising funds, from a prototype during the mass production of"production design".
The report of the company, the world's largest crowd finding site "KickStarter" succeeded in raising funds for only about 9 percent to the product cannot be granted.

Reference:http://www.cnbc.com/2015/12/10/9-percent-kickstarter-projects-fail-to-deliver.html Program by utilizing a network of fabrication to support manufacturing with good ideas and technology to domestic and overseas startup with Kyoto (Kyoto shisaku net), which supports the prototyping hardware startup (especially mass production design and mass production prototype) "Makers Boot Camp' has been launched.

Support Category

IT, Bio, Medical, Healthcare, Cleantech, Product (Manufacturing)

Support Program

Makers Boot Camp is an accelerated program to help "future mass production manufacturing, unparalleled in the world.

Makers Boot Camp support include three main pillars.
 □ from Kyoto shisaku NET prototypes create Provide solutions specializing in prototype machining, mechanical, metal, resin, rubber and system and Board development provides services not to get in the "Kyoto shisaku net" consisting of more than 100 small businesses said the problem comes from a lack of experience in the start-up and a for prototyping and mass production of design competition.

Makers Boot Camp Office, responsible for domestic and overseas startup prototypes and production design.
 □ project management Accept domestic hardware startups and individual consultation. According to the start-up stage, coordination with external agencies with project management is done. Also we offer to cooperation and already nine overseas companies to support hardware company has ready built and available in Japanese and English. Also develop a business model in terms of cost competitiveness strong Taiwan and China be included in cooperation with companies and production design for mass production in Japan and that the factory in Asia to order.

Made by Japan has come up with on the front.
 □ Monozukuri Hub Meetup event Can exchange information, startup and large companies and investors "Monozukuri Hub Meetup' operates with Kyoto, co-designer, universities, large corporations, and manufacturing experts in" OL"involve manufacturing ecosystem.

"Kyoto hardware venture capital", has become a hub of startup and makers, come from around the world for easy startup entrepreneur environment and manufacturing. Makers Boot Camp is operated by Advanced Technology Research Institute of Kyoto (ASTEM) and Kyoto shisaku NET partnership and collaboration.

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