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Goushi Yamaguchi

ヤマグチ ゴウシ


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Ibaraki University Faculty of Earth life environment Science Department of 2007 graduates


1/5/1984 students from Okayama Prefecture
In 2002, Okayama prefectural Okayama Asahi high school graduate.

In 2007, Earth life environment science graduated from Ibaraki University Science Department. Cookpad Inc. operated cookpad Inc. Japan up recipes from the year 2006 in participate since the beginnings of the advertising and marketing business, contributed by top sales company IPO in 2009. Major food and beverage manufacturers, distribution and trading firms, advertising agencies, and extensively covered the entire value chain business creation. From 2012, and participated in as an employee of the 3rd Lancers co., Ltd., as a business development Division General Manager, advertising business alliances with leading companies and collaboration with the launch planning, such as running. Afterwards, President's Office public relations team leader at the crowdsourcing industry spread Illuminati adopted 47 prefectures freelance Exchange sessions, small and medium enterprises Agency sponsored by the provincial seminar speakers,. Management of Yokohama Global station incubation facilities as accelerators Inc. partners than 1/2015 set up head office in San Francisco and venture businesses in providing training programs, expand activity space. In practice the agnostic time and place in the consulting and Advisor to several companies to do 'double-industries' new way of working.


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